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I’ve always been exposed to travel. From early on my dad introduced us to “road trips” through Mexico, Canada and the U.S. And we always had a subscription to National Geographic magazine that would fill me with the wonder of exotic peoples and places. When I was fifteen I was lucky enough to go to Japan alone, from then on I’ve been hooked. In the early eighties the travel fever reached a peak and I took a number of years “off” to travel through the South Pacific, Central America, Scandinavia and a very brief visit to the U.S.S.R.
Traveling, out side of the familiar is a way to get to know who you are as well as the world around you. No matter where/who we are, whether Africa, Asia, Europe or the U.S. we are really all the same, the same worries, hopes, loves and fears.
Mary and I are asked “why do you want to go there?” The only answer I can give is “pick up an old National Geographic and ask why wouldn’t you?”

In college I took a class in Shakespeare. I fantasized about traveling to Stratford England to see a play. I felt dubious of this ever occurring. Now, 20 years later, I've traveled through England, Europe, Central America, Africa and Southeast Asia. Now my desire is to experience as much of the world as possible with my partner Mark. I have yet to get south of the equator.
Family and friends don't really understand, but this is my motto "The world is like a book and those who don't travel the world only read the first page". To experience the world one must travel with an open mind.


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